Supports full save state feature and you can also speed up your gameplay with just a press of a single button. You can export all your saved files and play them in other emulators full article as well.

Joystick support lets you enjoy all the amazing games with a joystick. Fullscreen mode lets you stretch all your games to a full screen mode but that will pixelate the graphics due to smaller screen size of the GBA and other Gameboy games. Visual Boy Advance commonly known as VBA became one of the first and fully functional Game Boy advance emulators out in the market and it has always been available for free as a download.

That having said, one con that people find regarding RascalBoy Advance is that it requires more resources. Game Boy Advance is one of the most popular handheld video game console. Well, if you want to enjoy those good old GBA games then a GBA emulator will definitely help you. You can use a GBA emulator either on a PC or on an Android phone.

So these are the 10 best GBU emulators that can be used to play any popular GBA ROM. The name may sound a bit weird at first but believe us, this is one of the most amazing emulators out there for GBA and many other Nintendo systems.

  • VBA-M is totally compatible with GameBoy , GameBoy Color , also GameBoy Advance ROMs.
  • There is an online version of Boycott advance, which doesn’t require you to download the application to your PC to run GBA games.
  • The buttons here are more traditional without any special shapes.
  • Boycott Advance is having highly optimized CPU emulation.
  • My OldBoy is designed to run GBA games on low end Android phones to the flagship level.

Pspvba Emulator

It had a long successful streak but in 2004 the developer behind this iconic emulator gave up on it which led to many other versions of the VBA emulator developed by different developers. VBA-M is the all new version that has continued the legacy of VBA and even brought some cool new features to this emulator to make it even more amazing for the gamers.

It supports Joystick as well so you can play your favorite games with a joypad or joystick attached to your PC. Boycott Advance Online is a java applet that works online in your browser so you can play your GBA titles without having to download this emulator at all.

So, if you need a complete retro gaming experience without restrictions based on the console in question, you can surely consider going for RetroArch, which is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Another unique feature we loved in RascalBoy Advance is the support for commercial titles. Unlike most of the GBA emulators we’ve listed above, RascalBoy Advance lets you play paid games without any glitch. That is, if you are ready to get some unique games to play, the emulator won’t let you down. While the core set of features work seamlessly, you can expect more features in RascalBoy Advance soon.

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Higan is not just your average GBA emulator for the PC but in addition to that, you can play NES, SNES, and GBC games as well on this single emulator. Multiple Nintendo systems are supported in Higan so you can play all the games from all these different consoles directly on your PC with the Higan emulator for free. Higan Supports Famicom/NES , Super Famicom/SNES , GB , GBC , and GBA which makes it one of the most amazing emulators out there supporting all these different systems with just one software. BoycottAdvance supports full sound emulation to give you an amazing experience while playing your favorite GBA titles. Save/load state support lets you save and load your games at any state anywhere you like so you never ever lose your progress in any game.